I'm trying to figure out if we are (distantly) related or not. My great-grandmother was Kathryn Ada Parchen, daughter of George William Parchen and Nettie Dora Greenbaum Parchen.

Your work is amazing, and I hope to be able to purchase a print in the future!
Karen Robinson Galdo
Just saw some of your work at my chiropractor's office and my jaw dropped...gorgeous shots!!!!
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Jim Pankey(non-registered)
Breathtakiongly beautiful!! Much ado!
Outstanding work of ART. Bravo Mr. Parchen Bravo
It's the first time I visit an artist's page finding all the photographs amazingly AWESOME I should say, each photo is a masterpiece indeed.
Love and respect from Iran
AMAZING! Thank you for sharing people places and things that that people too busy to stop, FEEL,TOUCH, ADMIRE, RESPECT
Your photography is awesome. You are capturing the most amazing images, what are you using to do your post editing?
Avijit Nag(non-registered)
Hottest page I ever visited till date. What I like about your photography that, you never go overboard with details and colors. They are simply Lively and Vibrant - something one would love to look at for hours. Bravo.
Courtney Thuy(non-registered)
Your art work is mesmerizing. Those sun-ray images are Heavenly, and the night sky scenes are just magical. I love that you have captions for every albums.
Thanks for sharing :-)
George West(non-registered)
Wow... I can see the 'passion' in every print you share in your galleries. My hats off to you Mr. Parchen. I have just started to learn the use of the camera (Nikon d200 - entry level). I hope to someday share my work reflecting my passion for the picture. When I can I'd like to purchase a print from you. It will be a while so for now I will bookmark for now.
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