Rick Parchen | The abandoned, decayed, and weird
A "no trespassing" sign will always be an invitation to explore the weird and a fence is nothing more than a challenge to jump. I find odd beauty in the random and forgotten things that people have decided to abandon and leave to the past. Just don't forget to avoid the rusty needles and to dodge the crackheads.
School is OutHouse HuntingPalouse PanoSunrise on the HomesteadGhost House, WashingtonPalouse HomesteadGhostly DesertPost Office - ClosedAbandoned in Eastern WashingtonEastern Sierra HomeSunrays over a Montana Barn"Keeler Beach" - Left to dustAbandoned Montana HomesteadBroken Clouds Over Broken BarnAbandoned Alberta FarmJohn S Cook Bank, Rhyolite NVLife in Death Valley, California