Rick Parchen | On Display

Prints on Display

The real joy in photography is printing and displaying the images. Below are just a few examples of how the artwork can be displayed.


All of these display prints utilizes the foamcore option as described on the Prints page to maximize print size without the use of traditional frames. The lighting is six 50-watt halogen bulbs that showcase the Fuji Pearlescent paper, giving the pictures a 3D-like effect. The tryptic Seattle Sunset panoramic print consists of three 30"x40" foamcore prints for a total length of ten feet across. The top-right print is 24"x36" and the remaining print is 20"x30". All of the pictures are mounted to steel C-channel bars with the use of neodymium magnets for a floating design that gives the pictures depth from the wall.

 photo LivingRoom2_zpsaf8a7c1e.jpg