Rick Parchen | Prints

Viewing the images on a computer screen can no way do them justice since a computer monitor simply cannot display the same quality and resolution that is possible in print. These pictures simply come alive when printed and are available in an array of printing options. Orders generally take a week and I can either ship directly to you ($8 shipping charge, regardless of size) or they will be available for pick-up in the Capitol Hill area of Seattle without any shipping charge. All printing is done by a professional print shop (meaning not Costco or Walmart) on the highest quality papers and materials currently available. Current payment options are cash, credit card (with Paypal), or check.


Limited Prints

I currently do not have a built-in ordering process as I limit the number of prints sold, depending on size. Any image that is 16" or greater on the shortest side (16"x16", 24"x16", 30"x20", etc) is limited to only 50 prints. That's it, just 50. Orders for these sizes will be digitally signed and individually numbered as seen below. Now you're less likely to run into that awkward situation where you have the same print as your neighbor. Sample below is a 16"x24" printed on aluminum.


Aluminum Printing

Looking for something a little different and unique, even eco-friendly? Think Aluminum Prints. With incredible color reproduction and unsurpassed durability thanks to the latest in sub dye sublimation, these aluminum prints are sure to impress. Waterproof, UV resistant, and Eco friendly; metal prints are more than just prints. Here are just some of the benefits:

  • Scratch resistant
  • Water resistant
  • High Gloss
  • UV resistant
  • Will not warp or yellow with age
  • Contains no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • Contains no lead or other heavy metals or phthalates
  • Aluminum panels are 100% recyclable

And best of all, they do not require frames and can be mounted straight to the wall, keep it on your desk, use optional metal stand-offs, or the free foam block option that will set the picture 1/2" from the wall to give it more depth and require no additional materials to mount. The mounting options are nearly unlimited. (Prices below include 1/2" block mounting)

Print Size Price
8"x12" $55
12"x18" $100
16"x24" $200
20"x30" $300
24"x36" $425
30"x40" (may need cropping) $500
Custom sizes available E-mail!


Foamcore Printing

Here is another unique printing method that allows for some very cool frameless mounting techniques all while utilizing the Fuji Crystal Archive paper. The foamcore is a reinforced 3/16" board with the photo professionally mounted to the front. It's durable, resists warping, and is quite sturdy. It can be screwed directly into the wall, installed with standoffs to add depth, or (my personal preference) attach the foamcore to steel rails with the use of small neodymium magnets. I have steel rails installed throughout my house and can easily swap prints around at will. Thicker options are available, the below prices are for the black 3/16".

Print Size Price
8"x12" $30
11"x17" $45
12"x18" $70
16"x24" $150
20"x30" $200
24"x36" $300
30"x50" $475


Standard Prints

My standard prints utilize high quality Fuji Crystal Archive Pearlescent paper. Specifications are listed here for this type of paper. I've printed on many types of metallic paper and the Fuji is just amazing. It really glows under strong halogen lighting and it's the paper that I personally print on. Just use your favorite frame/mat and you're set.

Print Size Price
8"x12" $20
11"x17" $30
12"x18" $45
16"x24" $100
20"x30" $150
24"x36" $225
30X'50" $365

These are common standard print sizes and fit most commercial frames found at Ikea, Michaels, Aaron Brothers, etc. Most of my pictures will need cropping to fit into the below dimensions.

Print Size Price
8"x10" $15
11"x14" $25
16"x20" $80
20"x24" $125
30"x40" $325

Interested in a large panoramic and/or a custom size? Just e-mail me and we can discuss the details.


Other Prints

The above options are just a small sample of the printing options available. I can print onto cotton archival paper, canvas wraps, and even 3/4" slabs of Bamboo. Please e-mail me if you're looking for something else creative and I'll help you bring it to life.